Using codes in place of Fingerprints images during image processing for Criminal Information in large Databases and Data warehouses to reduce Storage, enhance efficiency and processing speed

Aftab Ahmad Malik Ph.D

  • Aftab Ahmad Malik Lahore Garrison University LGU
Keywords: Forensic, Biometrics, Image processing, coding fingerprint images, criminal history, Numeric Codes, Database/Data Warehouse


The purpose of this work is to assign codes to the fingerprints images stored in large databases / Data warehouses, the images require large amount of storage as compared to a numeric code. Moreover, when fingerprint images are compared to other fingerprint images, the process is more time consuming as compared to the numeric codes. It is proposed to keep up all fingerprint images in a separate database file along with their codes. This file may be a supplementary file with respect to Master database file. In addition to this, the codes of fingerprint images may be stored in Master Database/ Data warehouse for all records. The search queries can be processed using the numeric codes. In this manner, the Time Complexity and Space Complexity are reduced considerably. Whenever, any fingerprint image is received for searching its record, first its code is obtained by proposed algorithm and then this code is used to search the record from database/Data Warehouse making entire procedure faster and efficient.