Use of Cyber Space by Terrorist Organizations

Kaukab Jamal Zuberi

  • Kaukab Jamal Zuberi Kaukab Jamal Zuberi Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Terrorism, Cyber terrorism, Propaganda, Terrorist financing, Terrorist recruitment, Terrorist training, Radicalization, Direct Soliciting


Prevention of Electronic Crime Act 2016 of Pakistan, defines and include cyber terrorism as a cyber-crime. Due to its anonymity cyber space is a popular tool used by terrorists. Terrorists use cyber space to launch their propaganda, recruit new workforce, radicalize target groups, raise financing, train the new recruits or upgrade the skills of existing workforce, raise funding for their operations, establish communication infrastructure to communicate within and outside the organization and execute their operations. This article discusses the various ways cyber space is used by the terrorist organizations to execute their plan