Enterprise Security of Wi-Fi Networks using Simulation

Hafiz Muhammad Usman

  • Hafiz Muhammad Usman Gull Hafiz Muhammad Usman Gull Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Index Terms – Simulation, Security, EAP-FAST, 802.1X, EAP Types, WLAN, RADIUS.


Wireless network setting is developing into the market, and it is the major way of accessing the internet. Design and security of these networks for an organization need to be considered to ensure mobility and access to each individual is accomplished. In this study, simulation effects of 802.1X with flexible authentication via secure tunneling are performed. Opportunistic key caching which is preferred by many vendors was used to transit the session information from the posterior access point to the prior access point to minimize the hand-off latency to allow continuous connectivity to avoid poor network performance. The simulation process was applied throughout the write up of this article without setting up the pricy real lab-test. After the successful modelling of the network, the outcome will be transferred to the real-life environment. The network simulator software was used to illustrate roaming while Cisco Packet Tracer was engaged in the layout design of the wireless nodes. This research applies to network administrators and engineers across the globe to save time and the cost for the network appliances.