In-Demand Skillsets in Cybersecurity

Jawad Khalid Mirza

  • Jawad Khalid Mirza Jawad Khalid Mirza
Keywords: Cybersecurity, Skillsets, Cyberattacks, Network Security, Cloud Security, Security Analyst, Penetration Testing


In the recent years, a huge shift to digitization has been observed on a global level. Due to the advantage of having easy access and other benefits, digitization is being adopted fast. With digitization, the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks increases. Thus, the need for cybersecurity professionals, with an excellent skillset, is on a rise. Alongside this, it is important to know the skillsets of cybersecurity, which are needed the most. This is also important because once an organization knows what skillsets, it requires the most, the spending of its resources will become efficient. As a result, the protection of its digital assets can be done properly. In developing countries, like Pakistan, organizations need to know what skillsets they require the most because many of them have limited resources. Considering this problem, this research makes an effort to list and describe the most in-demand skillsets of cybersecurity in the world. As the skillsets of cybersecurity increase in number and versatility, a good knowledge of what skillsets are required can prevent saturation in the job market. This research will also help people, who are amateurs in this field, understand the concept of cybersecurity and the knowledge required to excel in this field.