Role of Technology by Police to Maintain Peace During Muharram

  • Gulam Rasul Zahid Police Service of Pakistan, Joint Director General Intelligence Bureau Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Gulam Abbas Riphah International University, Riphah College of Veterinary Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Abdullah Hassan Hashmi University Institute of Food Science and Technology, University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Saima Sheikh Admin Pakistan Association of Advancement of Sciences
Keywords: Role, Police, Muharram, CCTV, Ashura, Pakistan


Over the past several decades, policing agencies have implemented an array of technological advancements
to improve operational efficiency. Pakistan has increased security measures across the country for muharram
processions carried out for Ashura. Security has been enhanced across the country for the peaceful observance
of Ashura due to wave of religious terrorism from previous few decads. For this, a huge personnel of regular
police officers, along with an additional reserve officers, are deployed to guard mourning processions and
gatherings across the country and to keep the law and order situation under control. Role of police in providing peace during muharram is very significant. Police personel perform their duties for late nights with great spirit during 1st week of Muharram under harsh weather (usually hot days), and danger of terrorism despite
limited resources. Good behavior, determination, dedication of police force during the muharram duties is
praise worthy and exemplary and it ensured maintenance of atmosphere of law and order work with diligence
and commitment. Police officers remain alert to counter any untoward incident and keep keen eye on sensitive
areas during Ashura. Police sealed many parts of inner as part of security for Ashura. They blocked roads and
streets leading to these places. cellular phone signals remained suspended as part of upgraded security. Checkpoints are kept functional across the country and additional security personnel is served during 9th and10th muharram. District police personnel, bomb disposal units, Scouts, platoons of Constabulary and soldiers are deployed to protect processions and sacred places and authorities took extraordinary measures to confirm the security of people and religious gatherings during Ashura. Police installed closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) along the procession routes. Police champions bear tough circumstances and nothing can down the determination of the of Police force. We hope that the law enforcement agencies would continue to perform their duties in the same way to ensure the protection of life and property of the citizens across the country.