Social Media and its Impact on our Privacy

Sundus Munir

  • Sundus Munir Sundus Munir Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Cyber bulling, Phishing scam, Backlash, Malware, Spyware.


Social media is one of the advance technologies which is very common now some days. Social media means open source contents for all over the world. It is on the peak and extremely popular from recent years. Millions of users use the social media on daily basis and share their personal information on the media through the internet. That encourages the attackers to attack on someone's personal data by using different methods like Botnet, Phishing scams, Malware attack, Malicious attack etc. Due to this, both the administrator and the users suffer a lot. It happens because the users are not familiar with the security and privacy terms and conditions. They don’t even bother to secure their personal data before sharing it on social media. In this research paper we present the consequences, side effects, usages and its impact on our private lives. It also presents how users can secure their data from attackers and the techniques they can adopt to protect their content.