Causes, Prevention and Law Concerned With Cyber Child Pornography

Syeda Marrium Nizami

  • Syeda Marrium Nizami
Keywords: cyber crime, investigation, sexual harassment, society, magazines, animations, Children, Pornography.


One of innocent creature of this universe is children and sexually harassing innocent children under the age of eighteen via internet is called child pornography. It is an alarming cybercrime today. People involved in these acts use animated cartoons, films, videos, images and magazines to satisfy sexual desires. This article describes the types of child pornography, associated risk factors and preventive legal measures adopted in Pakistan and worldwide. Access to internet and uncontrolled usage has led to increased child molestation cases. Paedophile cases in Pakistan led to the formulation of new laws under the United Nations Children's Rights Convention (UNCRC). Role of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Non-government Organizations (NGOs) is also discussed. The Source siteswhere the exchange of porn material occur is dark web, its usage and how law enforcement agencies trying to shut it down are made clear here. The tools and techniques helpful in the investigation of child pornography are briefly discussed.