Desktop Based: Off-line Information Retrieval System

Syeda Binish Zahra

  • Syeda Binish Zahra Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Information Retrieval (IR), human-interaction


Information retrieval is rapidlydeveloping field and there are many changes are introduced day by day in traditional techniques for IR. IR system is intended to evaluate examine and accumulate the sources of information and get back those that match user's requirement. The need of today's fast moving life is to get maximum information but within minimum time. For getting maximum information in minimum time requires more efforts. The main functionality of IR is to provide access of documents (that document may be in collection of thousand, or millions). With the help of an appropriate description, user can recover any one document from a collection of documents. In this paper I describe my IR system which retrieves information from any directory and this information may be in terms of image, audio or in text form. The selection of good features also allows the space, time and costs of the retrieval process to be reduced. Two documents may be considered similar in this system if they have same name and places in different folders or directories. To explore the retrieval process from that system, I used Apache Lucene with JAVA implemented in IntelliJ.