Importance of Validating Evidence Integrity in solving Crime

Fatima Gul

  • Fatima Gul Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Evidence,Investigation,Forensic,Validation.


At present time, the crime rate is growing fast and this alarming rise can be controlled by using evidence as a key component. For solving any crime, evidence should be admissible in court of law by protecting its integrity. The weight of an evidence determining the truth of an issue is entirely subjected to the examination and verification of present forms of legal arguments. . It is duty of forensic practitioner to keep the integrity of evidence by not distorting any relevant information, ignoring contrary evidence and misinterpreting any available evidence. The forensic expert should advocate his outcomes with proper vigor and forcefully once he reaches to final conclusion. His credentials must be represented accurately without any misrepresentation and by maintaining his practice and specialty competence. The reporting information should be relevant to the evidence and to then case. Our society and individual can have life changing consequences from the forensic analysis interpretations and conclusions therefore scientific analytical data should be generated via reliable practices based on valid scientific principles and methodology. It is vital to validate any evidence before evaluating its weight. However, the forensic science development is dynamic process from data generation to result interpretation that is evaluated and communicated in such way that can help the court of law to make sound decisions relevant to forensic evidence admissibility.