User Trust on Online Social Network on the basis of Security and privacy

Taseer Suleman

  • Taseer Suleman Taseer Suleman Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Privacy, Online social networks, threats, Survey, response.


Online social networks have become a popular medium of sharing information and also major source for connecting the people on a network. As we know that the threats related to online social network is affecting people to great extent, and is resulting in loss of trust among the people. The trust is basically the measure of confidence that an entity and entities will show in different manners, and privacy is basically a set of actions for controlling personal information. Our basic purpose is to improve user privacy and to build user trust on online social networks. For this purpose, we have conducted survey of users especially teenagers and have taken their views about their knowledge of maintaining privacy on social networks, whether they review privacy settings or leave it as it is, without knowing the importance of privacy. After getting survey result we concluded that most of teenagers are unaware of maintaining privacy so they did not review their privacy settings, resultantly they became a victim of different threats related to online social networks. For this purpose, the tool is designed for reviewing or checking the user’s privacy settings and generating different alerts for achieving desired privacy level.