A Brief Overview of Social Engineering

Muhammad Shairoze Malik

  • Muhammad Shairoze Malik Malik Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Keywords: Spear Phishing, Pretexting, Watering Hole, Phishing, SEToolkit, Baiting.


Right now digitization, the requirement for information protection and information security is very
significant. The IT organizations today lean toward their information over everything. Not just for
organizations, information security is significant for any person. Be that as it may, regardless of how
secure is the organization, how best in class is the technology utilized or what amount cutting-edge their
product is, there's as yet a weakness in each segment known as 'Human'. The craft of acquiring sensitive
data from a person is known as Social Engineering. Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, but
the danger of Social Engineering still persists in the society. This is mostly due to lack of awareness
regarding social engineering attack patterns. Social engineering is an extremely basic practice to
accumulate data and touchy information using portable numbers, messages, SMS or direct
methodology. Social engineering can be extremely valuable for the aggressor whenever done in an
appropriate way. This paper will look into some of the basic and rudimentary techniques used by
attackers to gain personal information about victims. The goal of the article is to enable others in
successfully defending against social engineering attacks by having the knowledge into how these
attacks are performed.