Body Language Detecting Deception

Fatima Fatima

  • Fatima Fatima Fatima Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Keywords: Body Language, Lie detection, Interpreting Nonverbal Cues, Criminal Investigation.


The objective of this review paper is to discuss the understanding of body language deception. This
study explains a detail interpretation of body language also known as nonverbal cues including facial
expressions called micro-expressions and other bodily moves of speakers/suspects during interviews
and investigation process. It will emphasize on importance of reading body language in criminal
investigation for lie detection and proper training of investigators/interviewers for an effective
interrogation. It explains proper documentation of nonverbal cues and recording them for further
assistance in multiple interviews in future as these cues remain for a short time. It will enlighten the
effects of gender, social and economic status on body language and their resulting cues. A proper
knowledge and training of reading nonverbal behaviors can increase forensic application of body
language in criminal justice system for the identification of the right guilty party.