Dr Aftab Ahmad Malik, Engr. Mujtaba Asad ,Waqar Azeem

  • Engr. Mujtaba Asad Malik Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai China
  • Dr Aftab Ahmad Malik Lahore Garrison University
  • Waqar Azeem Malik Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Forensic Evidence, Abduction, torturing, Killing of innocent children



The killing and torturing innocent children even infants can be traced from ancient times of
Moses. The burial of alive innocent girl babies under ten happened frequency at early times of
pronouncement of Prophet-hood by Muhammad peace be upon him. Presently, enormous and
massive incidents of torturing, abusing and killing are occurring and being reported in all
subcontinents. Recently a father killed two years son by hanging, because he was asking for
food. These offences are increasing particularly with primary and middle level school boys and
girls. A boy of 10 years was raped several times in a religious school by the teacher and his
accomplices. Who will care for children the Law or parents or Law enforcement Agencies? The
sequence in such offences is first abduction then physical torture, molesting and abuse of
children and finally killing. The dead body is mutilated and thrown to public places to terrify
people. The ‘modus oprandii’ of offenders vary from offence to offence. About three decades
back a serial killer in Pakistan abducted and killed (confirmed) 100 innocent children. The case
study of this offence is presented in this research paper. The need of the day is to promulgate
strong legal framework for child protection against offences of torturing, abusing, or killing.
Merely, the legislation cannot alone overcome such offences in the society. The infliction of
death penalty publically for some offences in Saudi Arabia, Korea and other countries has a
deterrent impact on the society. The death penalty as well as public hanging, unfortunately is
banned in most of the countries. A large number of cases of torturing, abusing and molesting
children admitted in religious school hostels are reported but neither action is taken by Law
enforcement agencies nor highlighted in press and media. The need of strong promulgation of
law is also required to deal with gangs involved in children trafficking and selling human body
parts obtained after killing them. The effects of child abuse are extremely harmful for the
society, in whatever form it may be physical, sexual or emotional. It must be dealt with strong
legal framework.