Forensic Profiling

Fatima Fatima

  • Fatima Government College University Lahore
Keywords: Forensic Profiling, Context and Forms of Forensic Profiling, Profiling Technologies


This review paper brings out technical and legal association between profiling and forensic science. It emphasizes on trace evidences used as valuable information in perspective of forensic science and criminal justice system. The aim of forensic profiling is to interpret and investigate with reasoning purposes. It explains available forms of data, data processing methods and technologies, and obstacles to data treatment. Proceeding with reconstruction process that formulates a possible hypothesis of profile, different forms of forensic profiling with judicial perspective are discussed. Other factors such as crime prepetition, crime series, and tactical, operational and strategic analysis etc. that can help in developing of profiles are also argued. It distinguishes the profiles significance into new technologies of DNA databases, digital image forensics, 3D and CCTV surveillance cameras, forensic drug profiling and intelligence based expertise centers. Other fields related to security such as detection, risk analysis and surveillance are discussed in profiling perspective