Requirement elicitation using Online Social Networks: A Comparative Analysis of Online Financial Transaction Applications

Muhammad Taseer Suleman

  • Suleman University of Management and Technology
Keywords: Requirement elicitation, OSNS, End-Users


Requirement engineering (RE) is an initial component of every software development life cycle. The RE process involves elicitation, analysis, specification and verification of requirements. Several stakeholders are involved in the process. Among them, the most important one is the end user. In this research, a comparison of online banking mobile application and online banking website is carried out which is based on the end user survey. Survey was conducted using Online Social Networks (OSNs). Based on the survey, the pros and cons of both mobile application and web-based application will be discussed in the result section. It has been proposed that OSNs are used for elicitation purpose, in order to, involve a large number of end users. In this research, the importance of OSNs has been described in requirement elicitation from end-user perspective.