A Survey on Attacks and Detection Mechanisms in VANET

Irshad Ahmed Sumra

  • Irshad Ahmed Sumra Sumra Department of Information Technology Malaysia University of Science and Technology
Keywords: intrudes and intruders, presence of attacks or assaults and attackers, roadside unit, safety, safety measurements, wireless medium, radio waves.


Vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) has grown to be foremost up and coming talented and rapidly uprising network or matrix in modern vehicles and this matrix is termed as mobile ad hoc network (MANET). This matrix consists of important and intelligent nodes (vehicles) and certain computing devices named as road side unit (RSU) which are responsible for the communication of vehicles with other vehicles and with RSU as well. Vehicles can communicate with other vehicles on the roads to avoid road accidents and traffic jams on busy roads to save valuable time. This communication is done with the help of unauthentic means of wireless medium which makes the communication possible through air using certain waves like radio waves of high frequency. Because of its immense essence, these matrices are vulnerable to assaults which might cause life threatening circumstances and innocent lives may be lost. If there is any fault in the matrix it can cause serious damage to lives of innocent people so to avoid such significant and serious instances, it is important and necessary that there must be some tools and methods regarding to safety which can observe and find out attacks or assaults like this in the matrix. The purpose of this study is to discuss assaults on VANET and to describe methods to find out the presence of such assaults and to suggest the ways to secure vehicular matrix. Certain and common types of assaults are categorized and discussed and the consequences of such assaults are also explained. This paper also discusses the possible expositions and pros and cons of these expositions.