A Non-Parametric Analogy between Oracle & MySQL

Syeda Binish Zahra

  • Syed Muhammad Shabih-ul-Hassan Professional Academy of Commerce
  • Syeda Binish Zahra NCBAE
  • Sadia Kuasar Lahore College for Women University
  • SUNDUS MUNIR, Lahore College for Women University
  • Afrozah Nadeem University of Engineering and Technology
Keywords: Data Model (DM), Data Definition Language (DDL), Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), Database Administration (DBA), Query Execution Plan (QEP), Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), configuration management pack (CMP), Oracle Manager Console (OMC), Oracle Real Application Cluster (Oracle RAC)


Database Servers store, manipulate and retrieve critical information. In current computing era these
database servers are often exercise unauthorized access, security breaches and violation. A sub field
of digital forensic called Database Forensic deals with the study of database and about their data.
Oracle server and SQL Server are two database server actively used by digital industry for their data
store. This research paper is a detailed non parametric comparison between oracle server and SQL
Server that helps forensic investigators in DB tool selection for the sake of forensic analysis and
investigation of databases. According to findings oracle is more secure than SQL, oracle data types
are more flexible than SQL. Both tools are good at query optimization but oracle is more expensive
than SQL. This comparison is made with the expectation of escalating research in database forensic
analysis and investigation areas