Data Breaches Security Issues for Cloud Based Internet of Things

Tahir Alyas

  • Tahir Alyas Tahir Alyas Lahore Garrison University
Keywords: Cloud computing, Resource Pooling, Rapid Elasticity, Public cloud, Hybrid cloud.


Now a day’s Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are latest popular technologies. Both technologies have great role in our life. Their adoption and utilization are relied upon increasingly inescapable and making them vital segments of the Future Internet. A novel worldview where Cloud and IoT are consolidated and would be helpful for large number of application scenarios. Security in cloud computing and IoT truly challenging, needs a watchful comprehension and it includes numerous zones. Protections of cloud situations can be more powerful, versatile and have a superior financially savvy, yet the vast centralization of assets and information is a more appealing focus for aggressors. In this paper, data breaches architecture for the next generation technologies on cloud-based IoT will be introduced which will address the challenging issues of data breaches in cloud base system.