Information Security with Cryptography

Tayyaba Sultana

  • Tayyaba Sultana Tayyaba Sultana Lahore Garrison University


The purpose of Information Security and Cryptography is to secure the data transmission and network over wireless network. The main feature of data Security is to protect transmission of data over unsecure network. The authorization of access over the data within the network is included in Information Security and which is managed by the administration of network. The users are authorized and have their own ID and password or may be some other validating information which permits them to access the programs and information under their limited authority. Diversity of computer networks is covered by information Security, private and public both, which are used in daily routine jobs directing communications and transactions among individuals, businesses and government agencies. Network might be open for the public to access or they can be private like within a company. Businesses, organizations and other kind of institutions are covered by Information Security. We will study about the cryptography and its principles in this paper. Cryptographic systems with ciphers are presented. The cryptographic algorithms and models are outlined.