Online shopping, Cyber frauds and Fraud prevention Strategies

  • Aftab Ahmad Malik Department of Computer Science, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore.
  • Waqar Azeem Faculty of Computer Science, South Eastern Regional College, Down Patrick Ireland, United Kingdom.
  • Mujtaba Asad Department of Automation and Control, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China.
Keywords: Cyber threats, Cyber frauds, Common Scams, Forgery, Identity theft


Online shopping is increasingly being targeted by hackers and cyber criminals, who exploit the
anonymity of the internet to deceive unsuspecting shoppers. These scams involve fake websites or
ads, posing as legitimate sellers, damaging innocent citizens' bank accounts and databases, and
causing damage to customers. Online shopping fraud involves using stolen credit or debit cards for
purchases, while identity theft involves stealing personal information for fraudulent purposes like
credit or illegal purchases. We discuss, the safety tips to avoid online shopping scams, using these
safety tips before making a purchase. In United states a government agency FTC has been entrusted
the task of implementation the civil law related to anti-trust; it also indorses and promotes the
protection of consumers rights while working with Justice Department. Online shopping scams were
the second most common fraud category in 2021, according to the FTC. To avoid them, use safety
tips to identify and avoid scams. Cybercriminals steal and can use personal information to make
unauthorized purchases or engage in fraudulent activities. Identity theft is a crime involving capturing and the misuse of another's personal identifying information like Id-card, credit card and bank
account information. Fraudsters often use stolen credit cards to purchase items, return them for
refunds, and then sell the refunded money or goods. Machine learning is a rapidly evolving technology that can significantly enhance online shopping security and user awareness which is coupled
with artificial intelligence