The Unseen Web, an Enormous Mass of Internet

Sundus Munir

  • SUNDUS MUNIR Lahore College for Women University
  • Afrozah Nadeem University of Engineering and Technology
  • Syeda Binish Zahra NCBAE
  • sadia kousar Lahore College for Women University
Keywords: Surface web, Invisible, Deep Web, Anonymity


Deep web is the part of the internet; it holds 99% of the internet rest of the internet is known as
surface web and it is access able by standard search engines, Deep web is famous by different names
and can be called as invisible and hidden web but it can’t be accessed by the standard exploratory
engines this is due to the un indexed contents by common exploratory engines. Deep web content is
invisible under HTML form. Deep web provides anonymous internet platform for hackers, government
agencies and others. Due to this no one can trace the location of the user and don’t have any
kind of information about the web surfing of the user. Dark web is the part of Deep web, the reason
behind it commonly used for the black market i.e. Drug sale, ammunition sale, and many other
illegal activities. It is the consist of millions of websites some of which are very informative. While
on the other hand some of the portion is legal to visit and rest is illegal. These websites can be
accessed by using the popular tools, i.e. TOR, I2P which provide anonymity. About 2 million people
use the TOR browser to browse deep and dark web.